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Help Aid Dogs Impacted by Japanese Tsunami via @akcdoglovers

Anyone that follows me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Reader will know that I love sharing heart warming stories about dogs. I grew up with dogs and my black Lab, Cooper, accompanies me everywhere – yes, I’ve even bring her shopping with me.  Screw it, she’s my BFF – she’s coming.  Now that I’m back from SXSW I can focus a bit more on more important topics, like the recent tsunami in Japan.

I wanted to help and wanted it to be an animal-centric cause.  In the hunt for a reputable cause I stumbled across the AKC’s recent post and donated immediately;

AKC CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund Accepting Donations for Disaster Relief in Japan

[Tuesday, March 15, 2011]

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, many fanciers and concerned dog owners have asked us how they can help the companion animal victims of these tragedies.

If you are interested in offering your assistance, we encourage contributions to our AKC Companion Animal Recovery Canine Support and Relief Fund. Started in the wake of 9/11, the fund has donated more than $3 million to search and rescue teams and for companion animal relief during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

Funds will be donated to appropriate organizations in support of search and rescue dogs’ efforts to find survivors and to aid in disaster relief for Japan’s displaced companion animals.

Click here to make a donation and please note that it is on behalf of “Japan.”

I donated $100 on the spot.  The AKC is a well run organization and I trust the funds will be used appropriately.  After making the donation I stumbled across Aaron Strout’s post on how he plans to use his 40,000th tweet for the cause and it gave me another idea:

For every retweet of this post before 4/1/11 (up to 150), I will donate an additional $1.00 to the AKC.

The total per tweet is up to $6.10! Want to join our list of sponsors? Email me [] or comment below.

We’ll be using the green Tweetmeme button at the top of the blog post to judge the total count.  To retweet, just click on the green “tweet” button (example at left).  You’ll need a Twitter account to retweet, obviously.

Our hope, of course, is for more people to donate to the AKC’s cause.  We understand that budgets are tight but you can always help out by simply retweeting the article.  Whatever number it reads on 4/1 (or when it hits 150 – whichever comes first), will determine how much we’ll be donating.  For example, $0.10 per tweet x 37 tweets equals a total donation of $3.70.

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Thanks for your help & support,

Matt & Cooper





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