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Results: Canine Support & Relief Fund Tweet-a-thon

As my dog, Cooper, keeps my feet warm as I type this I wanted to post a quick follow-up to our March tweet-a-thon to help aid dogs impacted by Japanese tsunami.  The fund is used, “to support search and rescue teams and for companion animal relief during natural disasters” and I’m happy that we’ve been able to contribute.

The idea was a whim and I had no expectations for what it would be able to accomplish and I’m proud to say we received 53 tweets and we raised almost $500 with just the single blog post and communications on Twitter.  While I’m disappointed that @AKCDogLovers didn’t retweet our topic (it’s for their fund, after all) I am pretty impressed with the speed at which people rallied and offered support – often without asking.

A huge thanks to those who helped by offering their financial support – Pete Kuhn, Karen Kuhn, Chris Garby, Michelle Heaney, Robert Solar, Kristen Kramer, Alexis Kuhn, Kim Kuhn, Perry Hewitt, Devon Biondi, and Roy Solomon.  Their help was crucial and very much appreciated.

And, of course, thanks to everyone who took a moment to share our goal by Tweeting the page to their followers.

If you are interested in making contributions to the AKC’s Canine Support & Relief Fund please visit their homepage directly here:

If you do choose to make a financial contribution please email me or comment below so I may add you to our team list.

Thanks again,
Matt & Cooper

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