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Google Instant Results

Google Instant launched today, allowing people’s search results page to change dynamically as they type.

This is impressive technology as it now requires a unique query to Google for each letter typed.  Assuming the average query is approximately 20 characters this means Google has to run 20 queries where before they only had to run one – when you finally hit enter.  Google states that it saves the average use several seconds per query, which, considering how many queries are run on Google, ads up to nearly 100 hours of time savings per second!

This is a great tool for users but it will certainly have an impact on companies bidding for top page rank.  Below are 26 in particular that should expect to see a very large bump in their organic results tomorrow.

Note; Google Instant was only available when I was logged in.  Where available, I included a comment of my expectation (which usually matched what FireFox considered my most visited site)

  • A = Amazon
  • B = Boston (surprised it’s not “Bank of America”)
  • C = Craigslist (surprised it’s not “CNN”)
  • D = Dictionary
  • E = eBay
  • F = Facebook
  • G = Gmail
  • H = Hotmail (Surprised it’s not …anything else)
  • I = Ikea
  • J = Jet Blue
  • K  = Kohls
  • L = Lowes (Surprised it’s not “LinkedIn”)
  • M = MapQuest (surprised it’s not my own site or
  • N = NetFlix
  • O = Orbitz
  • P = Pandora
  • Q = Quotes
  • R = Red Sox (also saw “REI” from another user – and surprised it isn’t for me, too)
  • S = Sears (surprised it’s not SmugMug)
  • T = Target (surprised it’s not “Twitter” or “TripAdvisor”)
  • U = UPS (Surprised it’s not “uTest”)
  • V = Verizon
  • W = Weather
  • X = Xbox
  • Y = Yahoo (Surprised it’s not “Yelp” or “YouTube”)
  • Z = Zillow

How do these stack up against your results?

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