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Google's AdWords Title Limit >25 Characters

Interesting to note, but a non-actionable item; Google will display >25 characters in the title line if it’s a result of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (“DKI”) but cannot confirm the maximum amount. I’ve seen examples of 29 characters but Google still recommends that nobody plans on so many. The only takeaway is perhaps not to cutoff title length based off the 25-character limit.

From Google;

Most of the time, if the dynamically inserted keyword is too long, and would cause the ad text to exceed our character limits, the ad’s default text would be used instead.

In rare cases, the system may insert a keyword that causes the ad to exceed the character limit by one or two characters. There’s no guaranteed way to exceed the character limit, so we don’t recommend that you tailor your ad text to attempt this. It would likely make keyword insertion less effective for you, since the AdWords system will almost always use your default text in place of a too-long keyword.

So unless you have default text that is equally suitable, this probably won’t work as an overall strategy.

Again, interesting to note but probably irrelevant for most advertisers.

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