My 2009 Philanthropy Rides

pmc_poslogoHere are my excuses for not riding in the 2009 PMC and Prouty:
1. There is 3 feet of snow on the ground, followed by 1″ of ice, followed by another 6″ of snow.
2. The economy is a nightmare, nobody has money for their own needs let alone random donations, and my 401k is smaller than my cell phone’s area code.
3. My bike needs serious repairs (see #2)
4. I don’t want to spend countless hours riding, worrying about training, and avoiding road kill.
5. I hate harassing people for money that I don’t get, didn’t earn, and will never see.
6. 5 years (and over $16k) of fundraising should be enough to get me into heaven.
7. We’re expecting a baby girl in July and I’m told my time and energy will evaporate.

Pretty good reasons, right?

There is, however, one critical and inherent flaw:  patients fighting cancer don’t get to be so selective. I’m in good health and I can make the time. That’s all that matters – I have no excuses left.

prouty_logoAnd so it’s decided: I’m going to ride my bike a lot and hope that every time I hate it I have the awareness to be humbled by the fact that, no matter how crappy it may be, it beats cancer.

Onto number five – soliciting money. I’ll keep it short.

It’s a difficult year for everyone, without question, but with the help of the current administration and supportive people like us it is a very promising year for scientific research.

Please do what you can to help.

Here is the link to donate online to my PMC ride:

Here is the link to donate to my Prouty ride:

I greatly appreciate your support.

With warm regards,

Matt & Jeff Adams at the 2004 PMC finish in Provincetown.
Matt Solar & Jeff Adams at the 2004 PMC finish in Provincetown, having raised over $6,000 together.

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