Wicked Philanthropy

Matt & Jeff Adams at the 2004 PMC finish in Provincetown.

Matt & Jeff Adams at the 2004 PMC finish in Provincetown.

In 2004, Jeff Adams and Matt Solar decided to ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge, a two-day 192-mile bike ride from Sturbridge, MA to Provincetown, MA. One of the most challenging aspects of the PMC is the fundraising. In 2004 the PMC required each rider to raise a minimum of $2,750, so Jeff & Matt had to get a bit creative with how they were going to raise $5,500. After some brainstorms, the 2004 Casino Night was born. Between riding, planning, and fundraising, the project became a part-time job. When all was said and done, an amazing $6,341 was raised for the Jimmy Fund.

Since then we have continued to ride and use creativity to inspire people to donate to causes we believe in.  Every year has posted a new and unique problem – weddings, new houses, children, poor economy, excuses… you name it, we’ve seen it.

The largest and most consistent challenge  is how to keep people motivated and engaged.  The first year is the easiest – It’s easy to raise money for a one-time event when people have the mindset that it’s a one-time donation.  Increasingly, however, the more dedicated we are to fundraising the harder it has become to raise money.  Our annual request for money becomes pedestrian, our efforts become old news.  It’s time to step it up – time to catch people’s eye again, make it fresh, and take the physical suffering to the next level… it’s time to get wicked.

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