A bit about Matt

me-montanaUpdate May 2014: With the exception of the uTest/Applause rebranding, the balance of my professional details are grossly out of date.  Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more accurate information.

I am an experienced search engine marketer and analyst.  Over the years I’ve managed both small, regional campaigns and international, multi-million dollar campaigns.

An active philanthropist, I’ve has also been able to utilize his knowledge of search marketing and social media to help in fundraising for The Jimmy Fund and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth College.

Here is what colleagues have said about working with me:

Rick Kramer was the Lead Engineer on the SEM team at TripAdvisor:

“Matt managed our largest SEM accounts while he was at TA and we worked on a bunch of SEM-related projects and tests.  Matt was easy to get along with, communicated well, and provided valuable analysis and insight into our SEM campaigns and tests.”

Joanna Lord worked with me under the TripAdvisor Media Group:

“I was fortunate enough to work with Matt as a colleague under the TripAdvisor umbrella. He impressed me quickly with his breadth of the search marketing space and his innovative approach to strategy development. He is a strong researcher and analytical mind, always one step ahead of his competitors. I see Matt as a worthy addition to any marketing team, and a true pioneer of the PPC marketing space.”

Jean Brown is the Executive Director of the Friends of NCCC, Norris Cotton Cancer Center (organizers of The Prouty):

“Matt is a committed cyclist and fundraiser. He is creative, energetic and works hard to get the job done. We have been grateful to have Matt supporting the Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center in the fight against cancer!”

Symone Pluta and I worked together at Monster.com:

“Matt has been a strong support since my joining Monster in Nov. ’06. His willingness to help others and strong commitment to the team in addition to his analytical and systems expertise have been invaluable to my ramp up in Sales Operations. Matt has entrepreneurial spirit and well-rounded business sense that is irreplaceable.”

Peter Kuhn worked with me at Monster.com:

“Matt has shown solid work ethic, and a strong skill for innovation. He is a dedicated worker who strives to deliver the best output possible.”

My Outdoor Life

The outdoors are my life-blood.

My parents gave me the early privilege (which they might now consider a mistake) of an early set of skis and a small bicycle. I still remember both; the skis were all white K2’s with my name engraved in them – lest any other 4’ tall kids decided to steal them and ski exclusively at Nashoba Valley – and my first bike was a gorgeous no-name bike with a nice yellow frame and black highlights. (Later makes included Peugeot, Bianci, and the pinnacle ride; the flaming pink Specialized “Stump Jumper X2” which although long since retired, still hangs in my garage today.)

Needless to say, I am still a gear head and digging my collection of boards & bikes. Now, however, my hobbies have expanded to include additional expenses in the form of hiking, mountaineering, trail running, fishing, hunting, and any combination thereof. Adventure Racing even struck when a group of three of us under the name “Wicked Pissah” competed in the 2005 Racing Ahead Portland, Maine Urban AR. Having painfully won the overall race, I retired from AR to keep my win ratio.

Nowadays my accomplishments come in the form of philanthropic centuries on the bicycle and slowly peak bagging throughout New England. My goal morphs over time but is loosely translated to peak bagging the 100 highest mountains in New England during the winter season. (Before you ask; yes, I have an Excel file tracking my progress – and my wife’s, my daughter’s, and my dogs.)

I’m always up for a discussion about gear, trips, trails, and adventures and would love to hear from you. If you’re a rider, also check out my site, WickedPhilanthropy.org where we organize our annual charity rides.


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