Early stage startup marketing & community management + the great outdoors.


This page is grossly outdated, as I’m currently the VP of Marketing and co-founder of, a community-based content marketing platform but I’ll leave the outdated version for now.

I joined Applause as an early employee and built marketing and community programs that scaled from startup through >$100mm revenue and company acquisition. Some projects and programs I led included;

  • Expanded the digital brand footprint by leveraging marketing automation (Mautic) and member engagement programs
  • Enhanced the website via product, process, and programs improvements to customize the experience based on user interests while lead scoring across demographic and behavioral inputs.
  • Focused the team on building strong partnerships across internal departments to scope, price and deliver on complex customer demands in an ever-changing landscape of requirements.
  • Relaunch of to become the “LinkedIn of Testers”, enabling 300k+ global users to expand their professional networks and personal brands through digital content creation.


My career at Applause started on the customer demand generation side of the business. For the Applause brand I built and refined the systems and processes driving lead generation and nurturing in scalable way and was responsible for digital marketing efforts focused on lead generation for inside sales through free and paid channels.

Other roles include:

  • Search Marketing Analyst (TripAdvisor)  - Managed their $15MM/year PPC search campaigns with the goal of maximizing revenue.
  • Sales Operations Analyst  (Monster) – Reporting and performance analysis on 300+ sales reps.
  • Co-founder & CEO (Yoozed) - Upon graduation from Babson, co-founded a business service enabling retailers to outsource sales through various platforms.

Outside of the office, the outdoors are my life-blood.

My parents gave me the early privilege of an early set of skis and a small bicycle. I still remember both; the skis were all white K2’s with my name engraved in them – lest any other 4’ tall kids decided to steal them and ski exclusively at Nashoba Valley – and my first bike was a gorgeous no-name bike with a nice yellow frame and black highlights. (Later makes included Peugeot (“Orient Express”), Bianci (“Osprey”), and the pinnacle ride; the flaming pink Specialized “Stump Jumper X2” which although long since retired, still hangs in my garage today.)

Needless to say, I am still a gear head and digging my collection of boards & bikes. Now, however, my hobbies have expanded to include additional expenses in the form of hiking, mountaineering, trail running, fishing, hunting, and any combination thereof. Adventure Racing even struck when a group of three of us under the name “Wicked Pissah” competed in the 2005 Racing Ahead Portland, Maine Urban AR. Having painfully won the overall race, I retired from AR to keep my win ratio.

Nowadays my accomplishments come in the form of philanthropic centuries on the bicycle and slowly peak bagging throughout New England. My goal morphs over time but is loosely translated to peak bagging the 100 highest mountains in New England during the winter season, red-lining trails in Middlesex County, MA, and exploring new areas of New England. Before you ask; yes, I have a Google Sheet tracking my progress – and my wife’s, our kids’, and my dogs’.

I’m always up for a discussion about gear, trips, trails, and adventures and would love to hear from you.