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Clean It Up Sox

For the record, I can’t stand baseball [hurl judgment and insults now] so please excuse me when I butcher names and nomenclature.  While I can’t stand watching baseball, I’d love to see a marketing campaign that includes baseball.  Specifically the notoriously unshaven Red Sox.  What a prime candidate for a Gillette sponsorship!

As the recent Old Spice Guy has demonstrated it’s the unusual marketing campaigns that captures people attention and emotion… which leads to sales.  BMW has discussed (and I’m butchering this, too) that marketing is not just about the perception of the product but about how people feel about the product – there is an emotional attachment to many products and the Red Sox, with their history and popularity – certainly have room for this to be utilized.

What if the Sox spent preseason as shaggy as possible, only to come out for Game 1 clean cut and sponsored by Gillette?

What do you guys think?  Does this have legs or will the Sox traditions squish any promotion related to grooming and hygiene?

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