Starbucks FourSquare Mayor Rewards Program

Well, it’s here – there is finally some financial incentive to use FourSquare and it’s in the form of discounted coffee.

For a while companies like Harvard, The History Channel, and Starbucks have used FourSquare as a means to promote their products with the return to the user being the exploration of their city.  Harvard has used it to encourage students to find interesting spots around campus, Starbucks has a unique badge for those who visited 5 unique Starbucks, and History Channel uses FourSquare as an education treasure hunt of sorts.

Starting this month, though, Starbucks became the first national company to offer a promotion to all of their “Mayors” – $1 off their coffee orders.  As Mashable describes,

There are a number of reasons why the Starbucks nationwide mayor reward is significant. It’s a first for both Foursquare and the coffee retailer, and will likely bring mass attention to the marketing possibilities of the location-sharing trend

It’s also an important development in light of pending Facebook location features, which we’ve yet to see in the wild. Starbucks — which is one of the most “Liked” brands on Facebook — is making a conscious choice to go with Foursquare, which should serve to legitimize Foursquare as the key player in the space for now.

It’s very exciting, indeed.   It will be great to see more companies offering customer loyalty programs through social media platforms.

Mayor Special on Phone (via Mashable)

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