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SEO Step by Step – Phase 0

Getting noticed by the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the mechanism of increasing traffics to your website by improving internal and external factors relating to the content and influencing results and ranking, ultimately conversions, in search queries. As a major part of Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization enables businesses to target customers with what they want when they want it.

Compared to the paid options (ie. Google AdWords), organic search results appeal to users as more trustworthy sources of information. It is, therefore, the top priority of every site owner to optimize their websites to rank well in the search engines for relevant search criteria.

Going forward our discussion of step-to-step approach to achieve your Search Engine Optimization, it can be summarized in three major phases:

Phase 1 – On Page SEO
Phase 2 – Internal Off-Site SEO
Phase 3 – External Off-Site SEO

 See how simple Common Craft explains “What is SEO” in Search Engine Land’s video, embedded below:


This is a guest post from Aaron Huang.  Aaron is a fellow Babson College alumni and also an expert on SEO and paid online marketing.  You can contact Aaron on LinkedIn.

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