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Estimate Amount of Firewood from Standing Trees

How many trees make a cord?  Well, it depends on the size of the trees, obviously.  I’ve wondered this myself and finally stumbled across this information from the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension.  This 1-page PDF from UNH describes an easy way to estimate the amount of firewood you’ll net by the size and quantity of standing trees.

Link: Estimating Firewood from Standing Trees

(Interesting that a single tree 22″ in width can produce a cord)

Picture from Washington Post.

8/29 Update: I found another great resource from the University of Nebraska‘s aggricultural department.  It doesn’t include the same level of detail as UNH but has quick summaries on species characteristics including green/dry weights, BTUs, and other characteristics.  It also includes safety tips  and a cost-comparison of firewood against other fuels such as oil, propane, and natural gas. Link:  Heating With Wood: Producing, Harvesting and Processing Firewood

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