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Google’s Patent for Facial Recognition

Google has published a facial recognition patent that might be used to auto-tag people across the web.  Auto-tagging, feature recognition, and 3D modeling are far from new concepts so it seems like Google is going to rush to beat Facebook to the punch.  I suspect that in five years you’ll be able to mouse-over any face in a photograph online and see a tag of their name and profile information.

One very interesting note to point out is that Google’s 2009 acquisition of included the visual search site Riya, which specializes in facial recognition.  One possible scenario for this technology would be able to take a picture of someone you met to automatically add them to your contact book, send them an automated email, or simply get a list of your shared contacts.

It was almost two years ago I pondered, “Will I be automatically tagged using facial recognition in any picture I’m in (even if I’m a bystander in a crowd)?”  It sounds like the answer is most certainly, “yes”.

It’s easy for people in the tech industry to embrace and/or control their online presence but what about people who are less tech savvy or are in an industry that potentially requires anonymity such as police and politicians?

I’m curious how the luddites plan to handle their online privacy or if they’ll just have to wear something like TagMeNota 24/7.


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