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My First Hump Day (*At uTest, Inc.)

It’s official; I’ve survived my first “hump day” in my new company.  More importantly, the more I learn about the opportunity with each passing day the more I get absolutely excited about its potential.  Don’t get me wrong, consulting over the past year was a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed the flexibility and teaching others about web marketing (isn’t that what consulting is all about?) but I do have to admit that I love having an established product with a roadmap that I can fully control.

The new role is that of “Advertising Manager” at Utest, Inc a software testing community.  My responsibility is, essentially, to drive qualified traffic to our site by any means possible – SEM (SEO & PPC), Email marketing, social media marketing, event sponsorship – you name it [and I’ll look into it!].  The vast majority of my experience over the past several years has been PPC based so some of these tools are very new to me.  My team, and especially my professional/Twitter network, have amazingly stepped up and have been flooding me with information – blogs, resources, industry experts, people to follow, PodCasts to listen to, people to touch base with… it’s really quite amazing how people have rallied to help and I can’t thank them enough.

This learning process is very exciting to me and I hope to continue some of the great discussions that have already been started.  I’m loving the new topics, the learnings, and the discussions so please feel free to reach out to me if you have anything you’d love to chat about.

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