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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-12

  • Playing with Google Wave thanks to @LaurenMPerez. Opinion TBD. #
  • I wish Sunday River offered lifetime season passes. #
  • #GoogleWave bugs? RT @LaurenMPerez: @mattsolar don't think it will be ready for beta for another year. Do you know where we can file bugs? #
  • Time to dump iPhone/AT&T? RT @google: Two Android-based phones coming from @Verizon this year; will support Google Voice #
  • RT @boathouseinc: Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave) by @Lifehacker #
  • RT @brentrt: Love data visualization?
    50 cool examples and tools for creating your own. #
  • Yes I'll be buying this one @Gary? @2legit2twit? RT @mashable Rock Band for iPhone Is Coming And It Looks Awesome [PICS] #
  • RT @visitmaine: This week's Maine foliage report… #
  • Pats > Jets RT @jimstorer: Evidence of @garyvee spying on the NE Patriots practice? #ims09 ๐Ÿ™‚ – Photo: #
  • Relaxing with my dog, Backcountry magazine and Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan's "In Session". Perfection if it was October. #
  • Trying to win a stupid debate; which has more water holding capacity, gravel or sand? I'd like to demonstrate smaller particles=less volume #
  • @ingridbackstrom Nice North Face shot on the back cover of Powder. Where was it taken? in reply to ingridbackstrom #
  • Rough life. RT @ingridbackstrom: – climbed & skied it! but I had to hang out with these jokers for the past 3 weeks #
  • RT @gradontripp: Following @drewfromtv to help @drew raise $1M for @LIVESTRONG. You should too! #ff #
  • I'll 2nd. Some judge has "at-least-its-not-GW" syndrome RT @rhappe: I gotta say… a bit confused about the Nobel Peace Prize going to Obama #
  • Missing MSP! RT @chinesedownhill: Snow movies = my kind of premiere season – When they are going to be in Boston area ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Weekend menu: home made 4?-alarm chili, pulled pork, briskets, ribs, chicken, sausage, cornbread, Gritty's "Vacationland", BBC "Oktoberfest" #
  • Congrats RT @chinesedownhill Wow realized I have gone over 1,000 followers! Thanks everyone for following and sharing the good #snowkarma #
  • I think Homer's mayoral slogan is similar to my feelings on my broken iTunes/iPhone. "Can't someone else do it?" #
  • I'll dial 9-1- now to save time. RT @chinesedownhill: @mattsolar just don't have a heart attack…but sounds pretty good #
  • Sometimes it pays to loose. RT @JohnStamos: – this man is offering free mustache rides if you can guess who he is. #
  • On Animal Planet? RT @mrlong3: RT @espn: Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick to star in reality TV series – #
  • Cool RT @boathouseinc: Udorse takes affiliate approach to photos on social nets. Tag the products in your photos, make $ #
  • It's Friday of a fall holiday weekend and I'm listening to King & Clapton. Time for beer, wine, or other? #
  • [email protected]: Nothing better than fall in Maine. Head 2 Sunday River 4 the Mountain Epic Trail run fmi: #
  • @jimstorer @garyvee how long until MLB, NFL, NHL, et al (or ESPN) start broadcasting live on Twitter? Not Inc your Sox & Jets fanboy banter. in reply to jimstorer #
  • I'm torn (LS alumn, CC resident) I think LS until kids hit CC RT @concordjournal: C-C football comes back to defeat L-S: #
  • USB=A+ Gun=F RT @wired: Rap group Get Busy Committee's new album comes "on a USB stick shaped like a submachine gun." #
  • At least he earned the haircut. RT @nealbrennan: CNN: Obama gets a decent haircuit. Republicans outraged. #
  • RT @MSAdvertising: Over 75% of consumers say they'll continue being thrifty and bargain hunt after the recession. Changes will be permanent! #
  • RT @nick_lambert Among the world's funnest events to shoot North American Wife Carrying Championship @sundayriver #
  • I'm done with Tweetdeck for iPhone – too unstable. Any recommendations? Would like desktop sync. Tweetie 2? Other? #
  • Planning winter Presidential Traverse (3rd times a charm). Anyone done it in March? #mountwashington #whitemountains #nh #mountaineering #
  • Fired up the Weber #WSM Smoker at 5am this morning. Woke the neighbor up shortly after. Might have to bring her some pulled pork & brisket. #
  • vCool+G'luck! RT @skiingcascadia New Site is up follow me as I climb and ski 40 peaks in the Cascades in 2010 #
  • Just picked up the keg of @shipyardbrewing "Smashed Pumpkin"… tapping it later this afternoon once I make room in the kegerator. #
  • RT @shitmydadsays: "That woman was sexy…Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them." #
  • Congrat !RT @nick_lambert Psyched! WSJ pulled one of my wife carrying shots for their Pictures Of The Day feature #
  • RT @WickedCycling: Bicycle Dreams was just added to NetFlix. Very cool doc about the 3,000 mile "Race Across America" #
  • Well put! @erica_bates: RT @colleenfish: Is there any point to Realtors using Twitter? [a tool to eavesdrop on the conversations I choose] #

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