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My Top 20 Outdoor-Industry Follows

By this point it should be pretty obvious that I love the outdoors and if you haven’t checked, about half of the people I follow are somehow related to outdoor-oriented sports.  Blending my passions of the outdoor industry and social media is amazing; since I can’t be outside 100% of the time what better way than to interact online with a global forum of people who share the same passions?

I’ve received a few questions about who to follow in the outdoor industry so I’m going to make an attempt to list some of my favorites.  Of course I’m going to leave a few people off by accident but if you follow me just keep an eye on who I frequently RT and interact with and you should get a good idea of who my favorites are.

So here goes, in no particular order…

Clothing & Gear Companies:

  • Arcteryx – I’ll admit that I’m a huge Arcteryx fan boy.  Like your best sport coat, I save my Arc’teryx for only the best occasions.  Probably to their despair.
  • sundayriver – Part announcements, part promos & deals… it’s pretty easy to follow them and get a quick ROI.
  • ChrisPolarUSA – Chris, from Polar heart rate monitors, does a great job interacting with followers and providing customer service. I’ve potentially exchanged more direct messages with him than any other user.
  • backcountrycom – They made so why wouldn’t you follow them? “SAC” is amazing – In my opinion it’s like Woot without the crap.
  • cleanestline – Patagonia. Expect a pretty even mix of company and environmental news. For more focus on the company also check out PatagoniaMaine and PatagoniaBoston.


  • MeatheadFilms – Vermont based.
  • BicycleDreams – Great film on cycling.
  • TetonGravity – Nice site, too. They do a good job promoting avalanche education and awareness.
  • mspfilms – My favorite film company who is now taking advantage of BluRay.  They’re also the creators of “Ski Movie” which remains of my favorite ski-flick to date.


  • ingridbackstrom – It’s Ingrid.
  • LeviLeipheimer – Lance’s muscle & teammate. On Twitter he’s the cycling-version of @LanceArmstrong.
  • SteepSkiing – Chris Davenport; The “old guy” who reminds me that being in your 30’s isn’t an excuse to ski soft.
  • Charlotte Moats – …wait, she’s not on Twitter yet.  (…And barely on LinkedIn)


  • chinesedownhill – a social media company targeting the ski industry [Kara, remind me; where do I send my application? :)]
  • nick_lambert – Nick is the Brand Manager for Sunday River & Sugarloaf.  (“Lucky!”)
  • NatlParkService – Yes, the National Park Service tweets. Follow them for quick updates on park news.
  • WickedPhil – This is my account for, which I use to post on the topic of philanthropy & fundraising. We’re working to raise money for New England causes focused on environmental protection.

Beer (it counts!):

  • newbelgium – Not served east of the Mississipi, but you have to follow the Fat Tire Festival founders.
  • WachusettBrew – One of the few breweries that is successfully trying out social media.  I recommend their Winter brew.
  • ShipyardBrewing – From Maine, another good brewery that’s working at embracing social media (and are doing so successfully).

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