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Video Illustrating Social Media's Importance

Sorry posting has been light; between the new baby, vacation, training, and Wicked Philanthropy, time has been sparse.  Here is a video that I did want to share:

John Battelle does make a good point in regard to the statement, “Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in how we communicate” which is needed since I think the anti-Twitter group seems to hyper-focus on Twitter as a replacement to email rather than an addition.

John writes, “It’s not a shift in *how* we communicate, it’s a step function in our *ability* to communicate. There’s an important difference there. One could argue that means a fundamental shift, but such a statement can be easily misinterpreted as meaning “something totally new in how humans think/work/communicate”, and I think that’s not quite right.”

It’s a great video though; easy to digest and loads of impressive numbers.  …and a Fatboy Slim soundtrack is always welcome


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