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Online Advertising for [very] Small Businesses

March 18, 2011  |   Blog,SEM (SEO & PPC),Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

Online Advertising for [very] Small Businesses One of the great aspects of online advertising is that there are many tools that can be utilized that cost very little to nothing.  I’ve received a few questions from friends on where they should start to think about advertising online so I’m going to use this post to address most of their questions.  I.

Best Twitter List Management Tool: @Formulists [Updated]

March 08, 2011  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   15 Comments

Best Twitter List Management Tool: @Formulists [Updated] Update 5/11/11: Before you use Formulists please read my update and the comments at the bottom of this post. Call it a 2011 New Years Resolution if you must but one of my goals for this year is to do a better job of managing my Twitter feed.  I’m trying to get ahead of it.

Draft a More Cost Effective Email

February 17, 2011  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Draft a More Cost Effective Email As the Meeting Cost Calculator illustrates, people are increasingly aware of the cost of pointless and long-winded meetings.  This is always a crucial consideration – in person meetings, however, is easy to recognize that the CEO or VP are sitting there tapping their fingers.  With email distribution lists we tend to lose this consideration. Every.

Twitter 102: Beyond Signup

June 16, 2010  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

Twitter 102: Beyond Signup Here’s the post I wanted to write for new Twitter users – not the step by step I outlined in “Twitter 101” (which discusses account setup).  The bottom line is that, for me, Twitter is all about conversations. As always I’d love to hear your feedback either @MattSolar, by posting a comment below, or by.

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

May 19, 2010  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

SEO Tips for Small Businesses It should go without saying that there are a lot more variables that go into Google’s organic algorithm.  Most small companies, however, don’t have the ability to focus on many of the intricacies of SEO like the big firms do.  In steps the 80/20 rule – do 80% of the product in 20% of the.

Tips for a Startup Job

June 30, 2009  |   Blog,Hiring   |     |   0 Comment

Tips for a Startup Job OnStartUps posted a nice article I thought was worth emphasizing, “6 Quick Tips For Landing That Startup Dream Job”. To paraphrase; “Match The [Dress] Culture”: “Dress as if you’re already on the team.  Any startup you’d want to work for is not going to hold it against you for not dressing up.” “Convey A Passion.