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SXSW Bound: Rookie Style #SXSWi

February 15, 2011  |   Blog,Conference   |     |   1 Comment

SXSW Bound: Rookie Style #SXSWi This will be my first year heading to SXSW and I have little clue of what to expect.  I’m fortunate in that I have a few friends who are veterans of the sport and willing to let me tag along.  Even with that network it’s certainly an intimidating event – everyone seems to be “in.

My 2010 Product Wish List

December 22, 2009  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

My 2010 Product Wish List 2009 was certainly a big year for Twitter. I consciously used it more jumped into some more conversations, including some with a few companies. One of the nice things Twitter does, in my opinion, is give individuals and companies a greater ability to communicate so in the spirit of it all, here are a few.

The Twitter Value Debate

March 31, 2009  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

The Twitter Value Debate A quick background to this post; this morning several friends and I had a conversation spawn about the value of Twitter to the masses. The discussion started between myself (@mattsolar) and my close friend, Pete (@petekuhn). Since we’re both bearish on Twitter’s value I decided to rope in another good friend, and content/Twitter guru, Jim.

The "real" Live Search – Summize & Twitter

August 20, 2008  |   Blog,Conference,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

The "real" Live Search – Summize & Twitter I passed on the Google Dance this year but was curious to see pictures in near-real time (from less than an hour ago).  Google and the other search engines can’t pull the data in that quickly but Twitter is able to using (aka Summize).  A quick search for “Google Dance” yielded numerous pages of.

Setting up Facebook Privacy & Privledges

August 20, 2008  |   Blog   |     |   1 Comment

Setting up Facebook Privacy & Privledges I’ve received a few emails from friends about how to best adjust Facebook’s privacy levels. I’m not sure if this is the best way, but I certainly think it’s a step in the right direction and can greatly increase the value and usability of Facebook to you as you won’t have to censor your use.

Twitter & Facebook Demographics by State

August 13, 2008  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

Twitter & Facebook Demographics by State Some interesting graphs illustrating Facebook and Twitter demographics by state:.