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Google Can Search the Entire Web in 0.5 Seconds

April 26, 2012  |   Blog,Professional,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Google Can Search the Entire Web in 0.5 Seconds Google searches the entire web – literally billions of pages – in half a second. The sheer power and magnitude is unfathomable, yet Matt Cutts makes it sound simple.  Although it doesn’t cover anything new, this is must-watch brain candy for any online geek..

FutureM "Future of Digital Strategy" Notes

October 06, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   3 Comments

FutureM "Future of Digital Strategy" Notes I just got home from an interesting session of FutureM Boston “Future of Digital Strategy” session and wanted to type out some notes while the ideas are fresh in my head. Quick takeaway; The role of marketing is changing. Analytics are key. 2010 was year of mobile. 2011 is year of video. Speakers: Perry Hewitt,.

Google Instant Results

September 08, 2010  |   Blog,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Google Instant Results Google Instant launched today, allowing people’s search results page to change dynamically as they type. This is impressive technology as it now requires a unique query to Google for each letter typed.  Assuming the average query is approximately 20 characters this means Google has to run 20 queries where before they only had to run.

Catching Up & November Summary

November 30, 2009  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

Catching Up & November Summary As much as I enjoy it I’ve been horrible about posting to my blog lately, and I’m blaming Twitter. I find that I’m spending a lot more time on Twitter these days and the speed (of information transfer and to post) and audience size just blow away my blog.  On average, I get more comments.

Has Search Marketing Reached Maturity?

June 01, 2009  |   Blog,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Has Search Marketing Reached Maturity? To some extent, I think search engine marketing (SEM) has become mainstream (dare I say it’s “jumped the shark”?). Everyone obviously appreciates the need to show up in Google via natural search results and it’s come to the point where most everyone understands the same need for paid search. Of course, with the masses comes.

May Search Summary

June 01, 2009  |   Blog,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

May Search Summary May was a big month for news. Bing, Wave, Yahoo+MSN.

The "real" Live Search – Summize & Twitter

August 20, 2008  |   Blog,Conference,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

The "real" Live Search – Summize & Twitter I passed on the Google Dance this year but was curious to see pictures in near-real time (from less than an hour ago).  Google and the other search engines can’t pull the data in that quickly but Twitter is able to using (aka Summize).  A quick search for “Google Dance” yielded numerous pages of.

Initial Thoughts From SES San Jose (Day 2)

August 20, 2008  |   Blog,Conference,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Initial Thoughts From SES San Jose (Day 2) This is my third SES conference and to be honest, Search Engine Strategies 2008 San Jose just isn’t cutting it. I was pretty impressed with last year, but this year…  Meh. To begin with, there is certainly a larger amount of sponsored sessions. The focus has shifted towards agencies, rather than in house SEM’ers. There.

Twitter Acquires Summize

July 16, 2008  |   Blog,Emerging Tech,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

Twitter Acquires Summize Twitter has purchased Summize for a rumored $15M.  Here’s Twitter’s blog on the subject.  I’m still luke warm on Twitter, but I certainly think this is a good purchase for them. “Summize is a popular service for searching Twitter and keeping up with emerging trends in real-time. Like Twitter, Summize offers an API so other.

Adobe Flash is Now Searchable

July 01, 2008  |   Blog,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Adobe Flash is Now Searchable From TechCrunch – For most people on the Web, if Google or Yahoo cannot find something, it doesn’t exist. That has been one of the biggest drawbacks to creating a Website or application that displays itself as a Flash (SWF) file. Search engines could see the file, but they could not see what was in.