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Patriots’ Day: My Favorite Holiday

April 06, 2011  |   Blog,Personal   |     |   0 Comment

Patriots’ Day: My Favorite Holiday I  admit it; I don’t know as much about the American Revolutionary War as I feel I should, especially for a resident of Concord, MA – arguably the birthplace of the American Revolution.  (My wife, born in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed 442 days later, always finds a way to debate this.).

Help Aid Dogs Impacted by Japanese Tsunami via @akcdoglovers

March 17, 2011  |   Blog,Dogs,Personal,Philanthropy   |     |   6 Comments

Help Aid Dogs Impacted by Japanese Tsunami via @akcdoglovers Anyone that follows me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Reader will know that I love sharing heart warming stories about dogs. I grew up with dogs and my black Lab, Cooper, accompanies me everywhere – yes, I’ve even bring her shopping with me.  Screw it, she’s my BFF – she’s coming.  Now that I’m back.

Beer Allergies & Alternatives [Cross Post]

December 27, 2010  |   Blog,Craft Beer   |     |   0 Comment

Beer Allergies & Alternatives [Cross Post] [Note: This is a cross post from the Blog] To make a long story short, I may be allergic to beer. This is troublesome news for a beer geek, let alone someone who has room designed around a built in kegerator.  My brother and I have always been extremely prone to very serious hangovers (i.e..