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My Wish List for @Garmin ($GRMN)

March 25, 2012  |   Blog,Outdoors,Personal   |     |   1 Comment

My Wish List for @Garmin ($GRMN)  Garmin is, hands down, some of the best GPS and heart rate hardware.  Their software, however, leaves something to be desired.  In fact, they leave a few things to be desired. I’ll skip over some of the technical complaints (like site or product bugs – search Amazon reviews for those) and just give a high.

Outdoor Dog Gear

January 18, 2011  |   Blog,Dogs,Outdoors,Personal   |     |   0 Comment

Outdoor Dog Gear If you follow me on Twitter or DailyMile you’ll know that I spend a lot of time running, hiking, and skiing with my dog.  Getting her out for a run has been a big motivator to get me out and it’s morphed into bringing her along as much as possible.  Over the years and miles.

Mobile Mapping for AMC

April 22, 2010  |   Blog,Featured,Mobile   |     |   0 Comment

Mobile Mapping for AMC Back in January I was planning logistics for a winter Presidential Traverse of several peaks including Mount Washington.  The biggest concern, as always the case to the “Home of the World’s Worst Weather”, is weather and visibility.  I was thinking about the limitations of GPS (which I don’t use) and a compass (which I carry.

My Top 20 Outdoor-Industry Follows

September 01, 2009  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   0 Comment

My Top 20 Outdoor-Industry Follows By this point it should be pretty obvious that I love the outdoors and if you haven’t checked, about half of the people I follow are somehow related to outdoor-oriented sports.  Blending my passions of the outdoor industry and social media is amazing; since I can’t be outside 100% of the time what better way.