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Meet Applause: aka The Company Formerly Known as uTest

May 30, 2014  |   Blog,Professional,uTest   |     |   0 Comment

Meet Applause: aka The Company Formerly Known as uTest Meet Applause: An App Quality Company! Applause is an app quality company that helps thousands of customers launch apps that win – from web, to mobile to wearables and beyond.  Our app quality solutions include testing services, developer tools to enable build distribution, crash reporting & user feedback, and analytics tools to help you listen.

FutureM "Future of Digital Strategy" Notes

October 06, 2010  |   Blog,Social Media   |     |   3 Comments

FutureM "Future of Digital Strategy" Notes I just got home from an interesting session of FutureM Boston “Future of Digital Strategy” session and wanted to type out some notes while the ideas are fresh in my head. Quick takeaway; The role of marketing is changing. Analytics are key. 2010 was year of mobile. 2011 is year of video. Speakers: Perry Hewitt,.

My 2010 Product Wish List

December 22, 2009  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

My 2010 Product Wish List 2009 was certainly a big year for Twitter. I consciously used it more jumped into some more conversations, including some with a few companies. One of the nice things Twitter does, in my opinion, is give individuals and companies a greater ability to communicate so in the spirit of it all, here are a few.

Initial Thoughts on the 3G iPhone [Updated]

July 30, 2008  |   Blog,Mobile   |     |   1 Comment

Initial Thoughts on the 3G iPhone [Updated] Based on some urging from the Kuhn brothers, here are some of my preliminary thoughts on the [16GB] 3G iPhone. Since it’s too easy to find fan-boy sites hailing the iPhone, I’m going to err on the critical side. Also, considering I use non-Apple applications the majority of the time, I think the apps really.

Mobile Search Market Share

June 18, 2008  |   Blog,Mobile   |     |   0 Comment

Mobile Search Market Share John Battelle posted a quick comment on Google’s share of the mobile search market: Probably not surprising to readers of this site (ars): Google managed to spank the rest of the mobile search world during the first quarter of 2008, according to data from Nielsen Mobile. The search giant managed to capture 61 percent of.

Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC

June 09, 2008  |   Blog,Mobile   |     |   0 Comment

Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC Wired is live blogging Steve Job’s Keynote speech this morning at 10AM PST. Link here. What do we expect? Plenty: A new iPhone, with a new operating system, 3G data support, and geotagging support — plus maybe a GPS Lots of iPhone and iPod Touch applications Details on the next version of OS X, codenamed.