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Google Latitide to Status/Blog

May 05, 2009  |   Blog,Mobile,Privacy   |     |   0 Comment

Google Latitide to Status/Blog A close friend (“cc” aka Chris Crosby) sent this to me yesterday but I’m just getting around to checking it out this morning; Two items: “Google Talk location status (beta) automatically updates your Google Talk or Gmail chat status message with your Latitude location.” “The Google Public Location Badge lets you publish your Latitude.

Google Latitide Privacy: +1 for Google

March 05, 2009  |   Blog,Privacy,SEM (SEO & PPC)   |     |   0 Comment

Google Latitide Privacy: +1 for Google Here’s a very important note on Google’s belief of privacy: The key point; “Google has confirmed that its policy will be to require a wiretap order before tracking a Latitude user’s location for law enforcement.” It’s good to see that they still follow their, “Don’t Be Evil” motto. I’m sure this will prove to.