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Tips for a Startup Job

June 30, 2009  |   Blog,Hiring   |     |   0 Comment

Tips for a Startup Job OnStartUps posted a nice article I thought was worth emphasizing, “6 Quick Tips For Landing That Startup Dream Job”. To paraphrase; “Match The [Dress] Culture”: “Dress as if you’re already on the team.  Any startup you’d want to work for is not going to hold it against you for not dressing up.” “Convey A Passion.

TripAdvisor is hiring for SEM/SEO!

August 20, 2008  |   Blog,Hiring,Professional   |     |   0 Comment

TripAdvisor is hiring for SEM/SEO! We’re actively looking to hire – particularly in SEM. Check out our profile on and you’ll notice we have a higher employee satisfaction than the ever-praised Google. Ignoring financial perks, other benefits include TA branded iPods for new employees, daily doses of Rock Band on Xbox or Tennis on the Wii, seriously competitive foos,.