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2015 Applause Cycling & Running Kits

December 18, 2014  |   Blog,Exercise,Personal,Professional,uTest   |     |   0 Comment

2015 Applause Cycling & Running Kits Since it’s been a few years since the our 2012 kits and we’ve had a rebrand to Applause it seemed the time was right to update our gear.  This post is a few months late but since I was off the road bike for most of the year I’m just revisiting this now… these kits, via.

The Social Fitness Tool Race (Winning: Strava)

May 12, 2012  |   Blog,Exercise,Outdoors,Personal   |     |   0 Comment

The Social Fitness Tool Race (Winning: Strava) One of the great tools of the web (and mobile) has been the emergence of social tools with an exercise-centered focus.  As a competitive data geek who loves to play outdoors, these tools really excite me.  I bought my first heart rate monitor (HRM)  – an old Polar that had two functions, time and current.

2012 uTest Team Cycling Kits

March 29, 2012  |   Blog,Outdoors,Personal,Professional,uTest   |     |   0 Comment

2012 uTest Team Cycling Kits Simply put, how cool are these!? Want one of your own?  Get your orders in here by Sunday, April 8th! Look for them “in the wild” this.

My Wish List for @Garmin ($GRMN)

March 25, 2012  |   Blog,Outdoors,Personal   |     |   1 Comment

My Wish List for @Garmin ($GRMN)  Garmin is, hands down, some of the best GPS and heart rate hardware.  Their software, however, leaves something to be desired.  In fact, they leave a few things to be desired. I’ll skip over some of the technical complaints (like site or product bugs – search Amazon reviews for those) and just give a high.

Tour de France & Armstrong Ads

July 11, 2009  |   Blog,Professional   |     |   0 Comment

Tour de France & Armstrong Ads It’s Tour de France time and I need to admit that I havn’t watched the Tour nearly as much as I’d like to this year. I’m adding the TdF to my Tivo’s “To Do List” but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite cycling ads over the past few years.  All notably include.