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Land Conservation

Advisor to, and member of, the Concord Land Conservation Trust, whose mission is to conserve the natural resources of Concord and the Town’s traditional landscape of woods, meadows, and fields. More information, including membership information, is available at

“The Concord Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization devoted to the preservation and conservation of open land in the Town of Concord. Founded in 1959, CLCT now has seven trustees and over 650 member families. CLCT seeks to preserve Concord’s natural landscape, open space, wildlife corridors and habitats, and sense of place. CLCT works in concert with the Town of Concord, Minuteman National Park and other local conservation organizations to maximize the amount of protected property.

“Since its inception, CLCT has acquired, through gift or purchase, over 900 acres and holds conservation restrictions on an additional 265 acres. All of this land will be protected from development and remain in its natural state forever; once property or a conservation restriction on property is acquired by CLCT, it is never relinquished. A subsidiary, Concord Open Land Foundation (COLF), was founded in 1988 to engage in conservation transactions where the land acquired, or a portion of it, may be subsequently sold or swapped. The five directors of COLF meet regularly with CLCT Trustees and participate in CLCT functions.”